Saying farewell to winter!

Yesterday my daughter took part in a traditional Czech activity – saying farewell to winter. In fact, it was more like ‘drowning’ the winter. Together with other kids in the kindergarten (you can get info about this bilingual kindergarten here) they made kind of a scarecrow out of sticks, straw and some other materials. This was a representation of winter, which they then set sailing into the river.

There’s a similar tradition in Russia, although there ‘the winter’ is burned. Also not a very nice way to treat it, I know :) You can read a bit about that holiday here.

Hopefully, now the spring will truly begin – more than ready for it!


  1. We have the same custom here, in Poland. Children make a similar figure and call it Marzanna. It used to drowned in a river, but now, for the environmental reasons it’s not allowed and it is burned.

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