I’m glad to present this post from Amy, an expat I met while living in Shanghai. You can see how much she enjoyed to travel when she was a child and now she is passing on this hereditary wanderlust to her 6 kids.

Kauffman Adventures

When asked if I would write a blog post about this, I quickly said yes. I thought about this carefully and even wrote the start of two different posts before realizing how difficult it would be to narrow down a specific approach. So. I stopped and I kept it in the back of my mind, waiting to see if something triggered me enough to write another post, hopefully the final post. So here I am. It hit me that I should write about the most important part about traveling with children, deciding to travel with them.
I had more excuses than most as to why I shouldn’t travel with our six kids, when I was asked if I was willing to move to China with my husband. We had just moved back to Michigan the year before and had yet to find a permanent home. The six kids were excuse…

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