Express Yourself: Pure Perception

Today’s Bologging 101 assignment was to join a blogging event. I would definitely try one of the weekly or monthly challenges from the community, but I felt that I would need some more time to think and consider what to do. So for now I would participate in a WordPress challenge and this week it’s called “Express Yourself”. Almost instantly I knew what I would post:

"Incredible Cosmos" by my 5 year old
“Incredible Cosmos” by my 5 year old

When we grow up, we are often constricted by what we know. If I was told to paint a portrait, I wouldn’t really be up to it – I’m not an artist, I imagine what a portrait should be like and I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to do it. However, kids are not yet convinced that there’re only certain ways of doing stuff. They just do it the way they like it and who says it’s wrong? When my daughter wants to paint our family of four, she just goes for it. When she decided to paint an Incredible Cosmos (her own words), she did just that. And isn’t it incredible? :)

Our experiences can serve us well in many ways, but that also leave us walled up in our perceptions. Wouldn’t you feel that you could do more, if a realist in you didn’t try to convince you that chances are low?

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