Oh, how we travelled! – by DanielAndTasco

Another guest blogger at TinyExpats telling her story about travelling with a toddler to Sri Lanka for a TinyTravellers series. Here’s a bit more info about her and her family:

I am a mom of a nearly three year old toddler boy called Daniel and many of our holidays up to this point in his life have been travelling home to our families in South Africa. This trips although rather long are very straight forward and he is used to the nearly 13 hours trip. 8 of those hour are generally on an airplane and 5 are in a car as we drive down to our final destination. Being an expat family has its quirks but the look on his face as we arrive at our family home is worth all the hours we travel.

This year we and another family who also have a toddler, she is nearly 2 and a half, decided to head to Sri Lanka for our Christmas holiday. Instead of going to the south of the country we decided to buck the trend and go east. The kids loved the freedom that the sprawling resort gave them. The rooms were awesome and the kids had more than enough space for their games on the rainy days. Although their two favorite things were the Elephants and riding in the Tuk Tuks, by the end of our 11 days they were both ready to go home.

Read more on this amazing trip on DanielAndTasco.

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