Real Neat Blog Award

I was nominated by Author S B Amazing for two awards, Real Neat Blog Award being one of them. Thank you so much once again!


Rules are as follows:

1. Put the Award Logo in your post

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc)

Here’re my answers to the questions asked:

1. If you could travel to any place you want to, where would you go to?
One of the top (but also the most distant) destinations on my list are Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

2. Who would you like to have a conversation with: Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Toothfairy, Tinkerbell or Olaf the Snowman?
Tough one :D I guess, Santa Claus? He’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

3. If you would be the main character in a book, what would it be called?
Maybe A Restless Spirit? I always feel like I can’t rest – too many things to be done, too many plans, too many things and places to discover. Sometimes, I just need to convince myself that it’s ok to just chill :)

4. If your life would be turned into a movie, which actor would play you?
I had no idea, so I had to go with this questions to people who know me best. My friends came up with Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Nataly Portman and Judy Garland. My husband answered with Salma Hayek. So I’d have a great choice when picking the cast :)

5. What would you like to change in this world?
I’d love it if people stopped seeing everything in black and white. There’s always another side to the story.

6. What inspires you the most?
My kids and travel.

7. Are you happy?
Currently? 95% of the time :)

And these are my questions:

1. Which book genre is your favourite?

2. What’s your favourite city and why?

3. What’s your perfect Sunday morning?

4. Which do you prefer – a beach getaway or a city tour?

5. Which holiday is your favourite?

6. Are you an owl or an early bird?

7. Any other hobbies besides blogging?

Finally, ta-da!, the nominees are:

Moving Around Mum 

Cuddles and Crumbs

Time to Knit

Italian Hurricane

A ma vie de coer entier 

Beyond Prague


Hey Helsinki


Diary of a Rig Wife

Happy blogging everyone! :)


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