TinyTravellers Welcome Note

As you could’ve guessed from the title of my blog, travelling with kids is close to my heart. I’ve written before already how I think it benefits them and what I hope they would learn from it. Recently I came across two blog posts, which were very in tune to my feelings on the subject. I wanted to share their points of view with my readers as well and I thought there’re others out there who would have a similar outlook or who would maybe want to add more to this. That is how an idea of a TinyTravellers guest section came to my mind.


For me, travelling with kids is like opening a window to the whole new world (this phrase just started a tune out of Aladdin playing in my mind, oh well), widening their horizons, letting them learn and experience. If you think your kids benefited from travel or if you want to share your story, I would love for you to become a guest blogger in TinyTravellers. Just leave a comment here with how to contact you or send me an email to tinyexpats@gmail.com. Looking forward to sharing this experience with you!


  1. Totally agree!! no matter how hardwork or tiring the journeys can be; nothing compares to seeing the memories in the album, the light in their eyes when they see something “new” and the pride you get knowing that you are teaching them a ton of stuff you didn’t get taught when you were younger. The World is wide open these days, what a blessing that our children have the tickets!

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