Blast From The Past – Outside Our Little Oyster

The idea of TinyTravellers guest section came to me after reading this post. Thank you, AMommasView, for this beautiful story :)

A Momma's View

A friend of mine just posted on Facebook how much she misses traveling ever since quitting her job and moving back to the US mainland. I can totally get what she is talking about and it made me think about this post that I’ve written a couple of months ago.

While I was sitting in the back of our car on our road trip, able to let my mind wander, I felt so privileged. Privileged to be able to do a road trip with my family. Privileged to experience something new together with the people I love. Privileged for the family we are. I also felt privileged for being able to travel again. Privileged for knowing what traveling means, what it has in storage for you.

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