January 14th, 2014

I’ve already posted about this blog in my article Wanderlust and here’s the original. This father is on the road with 4,5 and 1,5 year olds – follow him for their amazing adventure!


My daughter Stella, is one and a half years old and has been to 31 states in her short  life. My son Oscar is four and a half years old and has been to all 50 states by the time he turned three years old. I have the same goal for my daughter Stella.

Many people ask me why I’m taking my two small children on these crazy insane road trips as they will never remember anything. I shoot back at them, saying my son Oscar remembers his first bear in Aspen. He remembers seeing deer on the ski slopes in Park City Utah. He remember seeing a dirty tennis ball that somebody has thrown from the gondola in Park City on the side of the mountain. He remembers playing in the sand in the north shore of Hawaii at the age of one and a half. My  son remembers…

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