Tongo in Hradec Kralove

Thanks to my husband’s colleague, we discovered a very cool place for kids. When the weather is as windy and cold as it was recently, the only choice would be to entertain them indoors and Tongo offers exactly that – it’s an indoor family entertainment park.

It might look as a beautiful day, but in fact it was horribly windy and cold, so we were set on going to Tongo. It’s just a 20 minutes drive from Pardubice. I still can’t get used to the distances here – 20 minutes and you’re in another city. Nice :)

The place has something interesting for kids of all ages, starting from baby corner, which my almost-two-year-old thoroughly enjoyed:

Moving on to various trampolines, slides and climbing walls for slightly older children.


And, moreover, there’s even a giant labyrinth (I’d say it’s definitely a couple of stories high), where even parents can go, accompanying smaller children who are in danger of getting lost. My older daughter was having a blast there and I climbed some shorter routes with the little one and (ta-dah!) went on a giant slide with them. Yes, I screamed like a little girl :)

There’s a cafe on site, although we were not so keen on the food they had there.

Be aware – the place gets packed on the weekends, especially, when the weather’s not so welcoming for outside walks. On our first visit we arrived to Tongo on Saturday around lunch time only to realise that they have a weekly entertainment program taking place every Saturday from 2 pm to 5 pm. The place was full and they were not letting anyone in over their capacity. There was still a long queue waiting, as they would let in the same number of people if somebody left, but we thought that it would take ages for us to get in and waiting for any length of time with a toddler in tow is a very tricky affair. Yes, the older daughter got upset, but we settled the problem with a promise of ice-cream and the second visit on the next day.

We came early on Sunday (not too early – it’s Sunday after all), around 10:30 and got in without a problem. I think all the hype was about that scheduled special event. The moral of the story is – always check the site for news on what’s going on. With my love of planning, I’m still surprised on how I could’ve missed that one. Oh, well.

So here’s Tongo’s website address for you – address, opening hours, any extra info.


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