Mexican flavours at La Cabaña, Pardubice

It’s been a while since I added anything to my Pardubice Directory section as for the whole month my posts have all been a part of Greetings from Afar. Now winter holidays are behind and I’m catching up by posting this Eating Out review on La Cabaña – a Mexican restaurant in the centre of Pardubice.


I’ve seen families with kids there, but we chose the place to have a quiet dinner, while our kids were happily playing with the nanny at home. I love them to bits, but at least once a week I want to wear heels and not worry that I would trip over chasing my toddler around.


I’d recommend booking in advance. A couple of times I called and they didn’t have a free table at all. We finally arranged our dinner on Friday night and all the tables had Reserved signs on them. I can see why it gets so busy: it’s in the centre; the food is tasty; it’s not too expensive in comparison to other top restaurants in town (for one starter; two main dishes – really large ones, finished just a half of mine; water; a bottle of beer; a glass of wine and espresso we paid 660CZK). La Cabaña is actually ranked the first amongst the other restaurants in Pardubice on TripAdvisor.


I really liked my chicken enchilada (level 1 of spiciness was just right for me) and my husband ordered a fajitas mix at the spiciest level 3. Now, he loves spicy food. When we went on business to Shenzhen, all I could eat was boiled rice (which helped me lose a couple of kilos, so that worked out well in the end), but he felt completely at ease with all the spicy food of South China. These fajitas also tasted good to him, but the taste was not the only thing that came with it. Fajitas were served on a sizzling pan. You know, with an aromatic smoke rising from the dish. A triple-spicy aromatic smoke. He was the first one to cough, then I felt like I had hard time breathing without a napkin at my nose. A couple at a table next to ours picked up in a minute. You could work out just how far the spicy aroma spread through the restaurant by looking at which table coughed next. By the time he was enjoying his second fajita roll, newcomers arrived to the restaurant. Poor people started coughing straight away while the ones sitting at the tables, already used to the feeling of chilly at the back of the throats, happily carried on with their meals. We all felt united (maybe it was just me who felt this unity, but that’s still fine).


You can check out the menu, prices, photos and address of La Cabaňa on their website.


I really enjoyed our visit to La Cabaňa and would definitely go there again. They have a terrace outside with a nice water feature, so I am already looking forward to a nice Pardubice summer evening with a Mexican flavour.


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