Greetings from Afar – Summary

1 month, 48 cities, 25 countries, 5 continents, 47 participants. It’s been a blast! When I started this project I was hoping to come up with 5-10 posts, some personal photographs of holidays all around, creating a festive atmosphere for those reading the blog, catching up with my friends. It all escalated pretty quickly and I am very happy about it!

Kyiv, Ukraine, by Kateryna Mostova

I would like to thank all who took part in this project and sent me their Greetings! Spending some of your time during the busy holiday period is not something to be taken for granted :)

Melbourne, Australia, by MovingAroundMom
Melbourne, Australia, by MovingAroundMum

It was great reconnecting to those of you who I don’t keep in touch with on a daily basis. In our busy lives we often lose contact with people we know, especially if they live far away. Makes me grateful once again for the joys of internet!

Freiburg, Germany, by Arie

I was really surprised by getting photos from people who I didn’t even know before – friends of family or a friend of a friend. Receiving photos from somebody I was never in touch with before was all the more heartwarming.

DPP_2026 копия
Kostroma, Russia, by Nina Ruban

Some of the entries were submitted by photographers, who really made an effort to show their vision of a holiday season. Check out their portfolios via the links at the end of the post.

London, UK, by Natalia B.

A number of fellow bloggers submitted their entries – thank you for that! I am enjoying reading your blogs and it was a pleasure posting your photos. You can find blog addresses at the end as well.

Bergen Lights
Bergen, Norway, by AScotInNorway

So what’s next? Well, in January I’ve got a post about our trip to Brno coming up and another Eating Out in Pardubice review. I’ve also signed up to Blogging 101 Course running this month – after all, I am a newbie, having started last November :) And, of course, there’s another TrailingSpouseStories entry coming out on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Moscow, Russia, by Oxana Ruban

I’ve also got an idea for an expat/local tips project, so if any of you (doesn’t matter where you live) would be interested – let me know ;)

Tokyo, Japan, by Yoshimi

Thank you all for participating and following once again!

Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Raony
Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Raony

P.S. Links and address:


Oxana Ruban

Oksana Cohen

Valery Krasnova

Kateryna Mostova

Nina Ruban

Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China


Pinoy in America

Life: A Scot in Norway

Tala Ocampo


Moving Around Mum

Old England to New England

The Confused Young Adult

Kauffman Adventures

Stuttgart, Germany, by Valery Krasnova
Stuttgart, Germany, by Valery Krasnova

You can see all the pictures in Greetings From Afar series by clicking the menu item.

Riga, Latvia, by Oleg
Riga, Latvia, by Oleg


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