Yesterday’s Blogging 101 task was to look around different blogs, choose posts that strike you the most and comment on them. Today’s task is to write my own, inspired by one of those I commented on yesterday. I chose a post, which I found on EdelenRoadTrip (please, correct me, if I’m wrong, but it looks like it was actually the first ever post on this blog :) ).


That blog is written by a dad, who’s taking his small kids (4.5 and 1.5 years old) on amazing road trips around the USA. He’s writing how much he enjoys the time that he spends with his children on the road and how he hopes they would benefit from these adventures.

I’ve already written a post on what I hope my children would learn from our expat life, Memories over Stuff. Although, some aspects of this lifestyle might be difficult for them, there’s so much more that can help them grow up to be confident, open-minded and open-hearted people.

I’m not sure where I got my Wanderlust from, maybe it has something to do with the fact that a lot of my family members actually moved around. Since I can remember, my favourite shows on TV would be travel programs, showing far away places and inquisitive adventurers going on endless discovery journeys. I always wanted to travel the world. If you ask me, where I would spend an extra income coming my way – I would readily give you a long list of places that I want to visit. I was lucky to find a husband who finds it as easy to move as I do.

Something tells me that my kids would feel the itch to travel as well, see new places, go on adventures. My older daughter lived in 4 countries by the age of 5 and the younger one moved to her second country before she turned 2. I’m happy to be able to pass this hereditary Wanderlust to them – after all, it’s not such a bad habit :)


  1. there are so many wonderful places to visit and one one life: what a pity! Kids learn to love what their parents love and have such a special eye when they see new things for the first time that I think we are lucky to travel with them.

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  2. Reblogged this on edelenroadtrip and commented:
    As yesterday was my first ever actual attempt to blog about traveling with my two very young children I came across a blog by (TinyExpats) that is refreshing as it is a great read. This blog (what I have read do far) chronicles a traveling expat life that most people don’t understand. As the author noted, ever-increasing she has been young she has had this need, this wantonness to travel. I’m in the same camp. my mother when I was growing up was a state legislator for South Dakota. She travel all around the world and she send back postcards and phone calls of where she was at any given week of the year. I remember being young and looking at these postcards and just being amazed that this place actually is somewhere in the world. As I’ve grown up I’m going to experience many of these experiences it is truly amazing and refreshing knowing that there is a small community out there it has the same ideas as me.like I said before, I’m very new to blogging I do not have a degree in English (I leave that to my wife) but what I do have is a wanderlust to see and experience as much of this world of ours as possible.

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  3. Wanderlust is a great thing to have, even more so when you can wander far and wide. I know my wanderings won’t take me on such a journey (not yet a while at least!) but to see and experience different places can only enrich life.

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