Walking along Labe

Labe’s riverside is one of my most favorite places in Pardubice. Only a five minute walk from the main streets – and you can already feel like you’re in a countryside with a lovely river, green fields, old oaks and lots of ducks for the kids to feed.



We usually go from Čez Arena West along a footpath by Labe. There’re very beautiful old oak trees along the way. I also quite like the residential buildings facing the river, they definitely have an amazing view all year round.





Right between the Čez Arena and Labe there is a dock, where you can jump on a river boat and take a 1 or 2 hours trip, while having a meal or a snack on board.


If you cross a bridge from the Čez Arena, you can find a nice path for cycling, inline skating and running or a small walk along the river for just some simple strolling  (which is what we did with the kids).



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