You know you’re in UK, when..

Coming back to UK after more than 8 years is like a serious case of deja vu for me. I used to live in London before and now we’re settled in Warwickshire, but there’re still some very distinctive signs, all the more visible to me after a long break, that I’m back in England. I went around Royal Leamington Spa, snapping some of them that caught my eye. I’m sure you can see some of those sites in other Northern European countries, but for me they feel very English. (Just in case, I’d like to ask not to take this list too seriously – it’s all done with love :)

You know you’re in UK, when:

Queen Victoria is somewhere around the corner.


There’s an overload of royal references anywhere you look.


Red letter boxes coming in bulk.


Double decker bus (of course).

2016-01-26 16.30.50

Spring flowers bloom in January..

and the grass is emerald green no matter the season.


Humidity turns everything a mossy shade of green (I actually love that on old stones and cobbles. Would prefer not to see it under my sink though).


Lots of cute and cuddly houses around (not sure what it’s like to live inside, but they sure look cute).


I can think of some other things that seem especially British to me, if I get a chance, I’ll show them to you as well :)


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