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My sister sent me some tips for planning a visit to a place she visited recently in China, so I’m entering it to the Show Your World link up this month:

Have you ever been to one of the villages known as a ‘Shanghai Venice’? I’ve only been to one and it’s called Xitang.

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Here’s some info and tips for those planning a visit:

1) It is not the biggest or the most popular village, but the bonus of it is – it’s not so crowded (at least Monday to Friday). I haven’t been to others but was told that they are almost the same (don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings!).

2) If you’re tired of big city life – it is a perfect idea for a weekend! You can fit the whole visit into just one day or stay overnight (they have plenty of hotels and hostels).

Shanghai Venice for Show Your World link up on

3) If you live in big cities like Shanghai or Beijing you may forget what real China is like. Xitang has perfect Chinese atmosphere and it is so calm and cozy, that you surely won’t regret taking this trip.

4) If you’re an artistic person, that’s a perfect place to find your inspiration!

Shanghai Venice for Show Your World link up on

5) How to get there: best choice would be to go with a tour group travelling there from Shanghai, as they have comfortable buses and you won’t have to think about transportation. If you prefer to travel alone by subway and then by bus, download Baidu Map to get all the routes and timetables. If you’re travelling by taxi… well, although it will take a bit more than an hour, it will cost more than 200 RMB (one way). In this case, it makes more sense to hire a driver for the whole day and drive back home any time you want.

Shanghai Venice for Show Your World link up on TinyExpats.com6) Before we went there, I thought that every single thing at any shop there will be very expensive as it’s a tourist attraction, but surprisingly prices where quite reasonable. My advice is: if you want to buy authentic clothes (made from good quality natural fabric) take at least 500-1000 RMB. You might consider it expensive, but it would not be a cheap mass market piece, rather a quality item. I think it is completely worth it. If you wish to buy some jewellery or souvenirs, you can spend from 30 to 200 rmb. Very important – never pay the asked price without bargaining first! Offer half, then walk away, if they don’t agree. The seller would probably come running after you, offering a discount. Be strong, bargain hard – that is actually expected on a Chinese market.

7) If you like culture, history and beautiful legends – read all of them (about Xitang) before you go there. It will help you to find Yellow Wine and get a real feel of this village.

Shanghai Venice for Show Your World link up on TinyExpats.com8) My last advice: I don’t know the name of that bar, but I’ll try to explain how to find it. The reason I’m telling you about it is their band or duet. A guy is playing drums and a girl is playing guitar and singing. That was love from the first sound. All Chinese songs they sang were very interesting and somehow European in a way. When you enter Xitang, you would have to pass a park before you see all the streets on the water. After you pass this park you will see some places to eat. Pass them too and you will see the first “water street”. On the right hand will be a river, on the left – a bar, full of flowers and beautiful sounds (with dark light and cozy environment).

P.S.: Don’t forget to take a student card if you have one, as entrance is not free and you can save some money.

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