Vlogging with my kids

I haven’t thought of it before, but it’s actually a lot of fun, trying to make a vlog with my kids! As I wrote already, my 6 year old decided that she wants to make a video blog, recording our travels and interesting places/activities. The vlog is in Russian, as that’s her native language, and we have it on YouTube (Мини Путешественники).

I asked your opinion on whether I should post occasional posts in Russian here or make a separate blog and I’m glad to say that I agreed with the majority – it did make more sense to make a separate blog in order not to confuse current subscribers with Russian in their Reader. I made a mini blog with kids design, www.tinyexpats-rus.com, where I will be posting links to our videos and some posts in Russian. I also made a link in the menu of this blog ‘По-русски’, which has some info about us in Russian and links to the blog, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

It’s been about a week that we’ve been making videos with my daughter and she’s still pretty obsessed about it, talking a lot about places she wants to shoot and things she wants to do. I’m happy that she’s busy with something creative. And I’m also happy that we have something in common that we’re interested in – blogging :)


  1. […] we made for our daughter, who wanted to have a vlog about travelling – read more about it here) started to take off rather nicely. This means I have to spend more time making the videos, editing […]


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