Chain of spontaneous events

Have you ever noticed that quite a lot of wonderful things happen to us spontaneously without previous planning or even thinking of such a possibility? Last week or so was filled with such unexpected, but really great turns of events.

  1. Blogging for

You might have seen before my posts about getting published in a Russian magazine My Baby and I. Last week I was asked to become one of the bloggers for their website. I thought already before about trying to write in Russian (somehow it’s more difficult to me, as I’ve mainly written in English, academically and in everyday life, since I was 17), but never really tried to do it. This was another push into that direction and I decided to give it a go. So far I’ve written a couple of posts and I’m enjoying the novelty of it :)

2. A weekend with my husband

If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve been alone with kids for 2 months, while the husband is working in UK (I complained and whined quite a lot about it lately). In an absolutely spontaneous manner, we decided on Thursday that he should come over for a visit, booked tickets and on Friday he was already with us. Finally! So glad he could find time off work to stay with us if only for a weekend – feels like my moral batteries have been recharged.

3. A trip to a safari park

We went with the kids to walk my husband to a train station and our younger daughter got really upset, when she realised that only daddy’s going on a train. She loves trains! So straight away we came up with a plan and in a day we were on a train with the girls, going for an overnight stay in a safari park in Dvur Kralove nad Labem (about an hour away by train from us). You can read about our last visit to this great place here. I can only add to my previous post about it that it’s really worth staying in Safari Hotel, which is right on the safari park grounds, so you can pop in to your room any time you need it – great with small kids!

4. Starting a vlog

My 6 year old decided that she would really like to be a blogger, but (as she’s younger and cooler than her mom and knows what’s in trend – obviously) she would like to have a vlog. She wanted us to make videos about our walks and travels and post all of that to her channel on youtube.

And just like that another great project started – we made a channel called Мини Путешественники (Mini Travellers) – Tiny Expats (with a link to this blog, in case anybody decides they want more info in English). We already have some videos up on the channel (in Russian), where my daughter’s trying her reporter skills.

Out of blogging habit, I also made a Facebook page and Instagram account for her vlog (what can I do – Blogging 101 just had it imprinted in me!).

Now I’m trying to juggle this blog, its social media accounts, Expat Kids on Blog Expat, Russian blogging on plus my daughter’s vlog and supporting social accounts. Crazy? Yes. But it keeps me distracted from ‘I’m alone with kids in a foreign country away from husband no idea when visa comes’ madness. So I’m choosing crazy over mad.

5. An idea

Here’s where I would like to ask your advice. As I’ll be writing blog posts in Russian and will also be making videos in Russian with my daughter, I thought, it would make sense to have all the posts and links in one place somehow, i.e. a blog.

I could add a Russian section to my menu on this blog and post Russian content here, but I’m not sure, if my existing readers won’t get all confused with English/Russian mix going on in their Reader. I think, majority of my subscribers here are not Russian speakers.

I could start a separate blog for Tiny Expats in Russian, specifically targeting Russian speakers, but that would be like starting all over again!

So – what do you think would be the best way out in this situation? I’m adding a poll here, so you can click for an answer, or you can also leave me a comment – would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!


  1. Congratulations! I think you should do a separate blog for your Russian posts. How exciting for you to be accepted! Woo Hoo! <3

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  2. I don’t see how people do so much. And I really don’t see how people with kids do so much. And married people who are separated still doing so much!!! Yikes, girl. I voted for separate blog…to keep confusion away.

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