Show Your World round up #9 – Bali, St Paul de Vence, Florida, Torekov, Table Mountain, El Nido and Ai Petri

Meet the participants of June’s Show Your World addition – there’re some amazing places here, so don’t forget to click on the links and read more about them!

1. Take a trip to the emerald island – Bali, Indonesia, by ladyleemanila:


2. Stroll the streets of St Paul de Vence, France, together with Lou Messugo:

evening_in_St_Paul_de_Vence3. Join Clara Wiggins on her holiday in Florida, USA:


4. Check out vibrant photos from Torekov, Sweden, taken by Oregon Girl:


5. Allow yourself to experience the Table Mountain, South Africa, through a beautifully written post by Middle Europe:


6. Visit Expedition Hobo’s paradise in El Nido, Philippines:


And in case you missed my story this month, here’s a link to my post about walking up the Ai Petri mountain in Crimea:

Thank you all for taking part in Show Your World this month! I will be sharing your stories on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram today.

Don’t forget to come over and share your story on the 3rd of July! I will be sending out a notification on Twitter, if you wish to be notified as well – leave your Twitter name in the comments.


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