What would you like to hear more about?

Thanks to Author S B MazingI got an idea of how to work out what it is exactly you, the reader, would like to read about on my blog, as this was actually an assignment from Blogging 201.

Would you like to know more about our daily life?

Would you be interested to hear stories of our expat life?

Would you prefer to read more about different travel destinations?

Maybe more of Random Thoughts?

Any other comments?

I would really appreciate your help to improve the content of my blog and keep it interesting! Thank you :)




  1. For me I like to hear about things that I can nod along to and say yup! That’s true! Agree with that! Been there, done that! So probably tales of moving overseas with children, day-to-day expat life, that sort of thing. But also about general travel – and it’s always nice to see photos!

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