Every Day Mom – who is she?

April, hosting a link up party at the Diapers and Tutus, got me thinking who an Every Day Mom actually is.

Being an Every Day Mom is not for faint hearted. She manages to navigate through her days on an amount of hours slept, which is even less than those of a doctor on duty or a night guard. She seems like the most cheerful one in the morning, but in fact she is just one step away from sitting down next to her kids and wailing as well just for the sake of it. She mastered the art of having a shower/ washing her hair/ putting on make up/ dressing up faster than a fireman dresses up for the fire. She has an ability to wipe off fish soup off a table, chair and floor of a dining room three times in a row without losing sanity. She makes a decision not to count how many times she had to clean toys off the living room floor a day – the number is too big for comfort.

But Every Day Mom is even more than that. She learns to have a look out of the window to enjoy the sunrise, when kids wake her up at an ungodly hour. She knows how to appreciate her morning cup of coffee, which is all the tastier that she has five minutes to herself. She feels elated, when she get a chance to stroll outside, be it on the way to a shop or between school runs. She becomes an amazing planner, living a life on tight schedule. She knows how to go back to a happy place by cuddling a baby and smelling her hair. And after all the mess and stress of the day, she can still emerge all dressed up for a dinner date, feeling stronger and more confident about herself for being able to deal with it all.

And you know what ladies? It’s not just the mums, who can do it. Even those, who do not have children, have those Every Day Mom’s powers all bundled up inside and ready to be unpacked and put to good use when the need arises. Maybe some have to dig deeper to find them, but we all do. If you feel low and unsure that you can manage it all, just don’t despair – you’ve got it! Just believe in yourself.



  1. Oh! You reminded me of my life few years back. With my husband away for a good part of the year, I forgot what a luxurious long bath is. My ears and brain were never more alert. Even in deep sleep, I could sense my baby’s needs. Most important thing about every day mom is she is ” multitasking”. Sometimes, when I hear people say that One shouldn’t try to be multitasking as you can’t put quality in everything, I say ” Being single tasking is a luxury that we, mothers cannot afford”.

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  2. Great post!! This really does show what us moms do. I also love how you make a shout out to those who are not moms yet. When I my daughter I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive, especially after 2 days of waking up every 2 hours. But I survived and every day I can see more and more “mom powers” coming out! Thanks again for sharing!

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  3. My sentiments exactly!! It’s funny, no matter how crazy of a day or night we have … I am always there with a smile on my face looking for the positive (well the smile might be a bit tired looking, but it’s still there!)

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