Cute Blog Award

I have been really busy during the past week with kids, work, Blogging 101 that I had no time to deal with the awards. And I received 3 of them within these last days! I feel very honoured and happy :)) So, please, forgive me, but today I would post quite a lot, trying to do some housekeeping on my blog.


I was nominated for a Cute Blog Award by April from From Diapers and Tutus to Meetings and Boardrooms, a fellow blogger and a fellow mother, who has to deal with all the challenges of everyday life with small kids. Thank you, April!

The rules are:
– thank the person that nominated you
– answer the questions
– tell the readers something new about yourself
– nominate your favourite blogs

Here we go with the questions:

1. What is your go to brand of makeup? I’ve been pretty laid back about this topic lately – when you go shopping with toddlers, you usually have to grab the closest thing and run, but I would say MaxFactor.

2. What is your favorite fashion trend? Smart casual (I would live Glamorous for another life, where running after toddlers does not exist).

3. What is your favorite desert? Blueberry cheesecake.

4. What is your favorite colour? Green.

5. What is your middle name? I’ll tell you a secret – in Ukraine, we don’t have them ;)

6. The Last song you listened to? One of the last ones – Return to Innocence, Enigma

7. Dogs or Cats? hmm… both? :))

Tell your readers something you have not told them before? I also like making jewellery, using semi-precious natural stones :)

Now, I would list blogs that I nominate for this award.

Maria Holm
DIY Just Cuz
The Light Inside of Us
Five Travelling Monkeys
Kayleigh’s World
G’s “Kandy” Crush
The Lodge on Haydon

Happy blogging everyone! :)


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