Christmas Party by the Integration Centre Pardubice

Yesterday we went to yet another event organised by the Integration Centre for Foreigners in Pardubice. These people are really doing a great job! This was a Christmas party slash workshop for children. It took place in Divadlo 29, in the old town of Pardubice.

You could come there any time from 4pm and there was entertainment planned up till 10pm. Adults could meet up, have a drink and listen to a number of performers scheduled for that day in a bar downstairs, but what attracted us was a workshop arranged in another room upstairs. Or shall I say a number of different workshops, all equally interesting and capable of keeping your children occupied for quite a while. So here’s what the kids got up to that evening:

They could try their hand at making a Christmas card, using dried oranges and potato stamps.


Anyone could have their name written in Chinese characters.


This one was quite challenging – drawing a character out of a nativity scene.


In my opinion, a sheep drawn by my daughter was definitely nothing short of a masterpiece (even if a bit our of scale) :)



It was also very interesting to make candles out of bees wax. We took home ours and had a quiet candle lit evening (as quiet as it could get with two little kids around).




There were various other activities on offer – making sweets, jewellery, christmas decorations, candle holders. It was definitely very nice of all those crafty people to participate in the event and share their time and skills with the kids.



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