Parents’ timeout – Road Cafe

I’m usually writing about places that you can visit with your kids, but I think you’d agree that all the parents feel like spending some time as a couple, leaving the kids with a nanny or (ideally) grandparents. And Road Cafe is one of those ‘parents only’ destinations. Although, I have to say that I’ve seen two small kids, about 5 or 6 on the evening we went there, but I believe it’s rather an exception than a rule.


The Cafe is designed in an american style, with road signs on the walls and bits of old cars. Their Christmas decoration was rather interesting as well with a Christmas tree hanging from a ceiling.

IMG_7941 IMG_7943 IMG_7944

Road Cafe is concentrated on drinks, rather than on food. You can order burgers, sandwiched and salads here, that’s about it. On the other hand, the drinks menu was pretty good, with a wide choice of spirits, liquors and cocktails. I quite enjoyed my Dream cocktail on a relaxing Saturday evening :)


You can find more information and address of the Road Cafe Pardubice here.


  1. Thank you for the recomendation. I am looking forwards some better weather when we will be visiting Pardubice for sure. I am also looking forwards the Costa Coffee on your train station.

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