A fireplace and a wolf at the Tilted Wig

My daughter liked the Tilted Wig pub straight away: ‘Oh, look, it has these cosy little sofas and a fireplace and a wolf!’.

Tilted Wig

And that was almost true – the Tilted Wig is old (built in the 17th century) and cosy, it does have a real fire place and there was a grey wolf-looking dog laying next to it. It was a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (close enough).

The Tilted Wig is situated right in the heart of old Warwick town, next to the Market Hall Museum. There was a weekend market set up in front of it, selling fruit,  veg, sweets and odd items like antique door handles.

It was a busy Saturday afternoon, but we were lucky to find a table straight away. There were a couple more families with small kids – this pub definitely has a family atmosphere (not sure about Friday nights though :).

Their kids menu has all the usual chicken and fish dishes. The chicken nuggets that we tried were pretty good. As for the main menu, I thought that my lamb was too fatty, but it just depends on what you like, I guess.

This pub was a good start to our walk around Warwick (you can read more about it here). I think Tilted Wig is a good choice if you want to eat somewhere central. We would definitely go back there next time we’re in Warwick :) You can check out all the details about its location and the opening hours here.

If I got you curious about that wolf dog, you can have a look at a video about our Warwick day out that we have on our Russian blog. The commentary is in Russian, but the part about the pub is right in the beginning and so is the dog :)

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