Coming up on Tiny Expats in February!

Hello everybody! A lot has happened since I last wrote on Tiny Expats – we moved to UK, spent winter holidays with the family in Moscow, got back to UK, settled in, our older daughter started school and that’s all within the last 2 months. Now I’m back to blogging and have lots to write about!

So what can you expect to find on Tiny Expats in February?

As usual, there will be a link up party on the first Friday of the month (5th of February) – Show Your World. Come over and link up your story about a place that you like and Girl Gone London (my co-host) and I will share it on our blogs and social media on the 3rd Friday (19th of Feb). While I was away, Girl Gone London hosted Show Your World for two months, you can check out her December and January entries.

I will be adding to my Relocation with Kids Tips section – what would I pack into carry on, hand in luggage and container shipment while relocating with kids?

Introducing you to Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, a place that we will be calling home from now on, is also on the list. I noticed, that there’re some definitive signs that you’re in UK, will show you what I’m talking about ;)

I’ve also got some stories and beautiful photos to share with you from our Christmas trip to Moscow:

  • Visiting Christmas Market on the Red Square with the kids
  • Walking around Moscow’s city centre – magical Christmas lights
  • Review of a child friendly restaurant, serving traditional Russian food with a twist
  • Review of a musical “Count Orlov”, based on historical events during Catherine the Great times

As it’s our 9th 2nd wedding anniversary this month (it’s not a mistake – it’s a 9th anniversary of the 2nd part of the wedding :), I will tell you about our white winter wedding in Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

If I got you interested in some (or all) of the above – don’t forget to visit Tiny Expats in February ;)


    • Yay, thank you :) Happy to be back! Just finished settling in the house and today was the first morning, when my daughter did not get upset about going to school in the morning – slowly but surely starting to relax in UK :)


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