December madness – moving, holidays, braving a storm

December just started and I already feel tired! I missed my usual posts about the blogs I liked during the month and about my plans for Tiny Expats for December, but that is because the last few days were completely crazy for me!

Yesterday movers came to pack up all our things and send them to UK. Does it mean that I already got a visa? No. Of course, not, that would’ve been way too easy! But we have to leave our apartment in mid December, so we sent most of the stuff away and kept just some suitcases. Whether we would be able to move to UK soon or find a temporary accommodation in CZ, it would be easier to travel light.


The movers packed everything, so I did not have to do much on the day, but I still had to do a lot of sorting and decluttering  beforehand, so felt physically and emotionally exhausted already. It would’ve helped, if my husband was helping me out, but he’s still in UK, so I didn’t share all these joys with him. Add to that that two days before we were invited for a birthday party (which was lovely, plus it gave me an excuse to avoid packing for a while) and just a day before we had to go to Prague with kids. Blogging was not exactly something I could’ve fit into that schedule.

Oh, and the day trip to Prague – what a delight that was! If we didn’t have to go that day, I would’ve definitely cancelled it. Imagine, strong wind, heavy rain, two kids, a nanny (oh, I’m so happy I decided to take her with us) and me. It’s a short walk from our place to the train station, but not in that weather. Although, my older daughter managed to enjoy it, she was literally laughing and dancing with joy! ‘Oh, mommy, look at me – wind is breaking my umbrella! Ha ha ha! Oh and that wind – it feels as if I stuck my head out of a car window! Awesome! Look at those puddles – I’m jumping from island to island as a pirate! Argh!!!’. Yes, it was all amazing fun. It got even better, when my younger daughter lost her boot while getting out of a train, it dropped between the platform and the train. Don’t forget – strong wind and heavy rain. Thank God, some very tall guy jumped down there to pick it up! Basically, it was a hard day and it got better only in the evening, when we all fell on our sofa and did not move till bedtime.

This morning I asked the kids, what they would like to do, and the answer was – nothing. I guess, the last couple of days took their toll on them as well. Since the movers left, I already had to perform a fun act of explaining to my two year old where her things are (her bed, her scooter, her coffee table, etc). The show included various hand gestures, theatrical speech and over the top excitement. My older daughter loved it and thought it was hilarious. Yay.

To summ things up. I didn’t manage to write about my favourite blog posts in November, so I will just send my warm regards to all of you and wish you all happy blogging in December (I know, it’s cheating, but that’s the best thing I could come up with at the moment!). As for what’s coming up on Tiny Expats in December – lots of craziness, uncertainty, a bit of complaining and moaning, posts about Christmas markets in CZ and lots of holiday cheer, of course!

Wishing you all a fun fun fun December :)

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  1. All the fun of the expat fair. I have packers in today too and like you we do not yet have our visas for our new posting – they are being processed (for my husband) as we wait. We will have a holiday in the UK first and wait for visas there while my husband goes out to work. I am not quite sure when we will see our stuff again.

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  2. Ugh so still no visas!!! If it makes you feel any better (which I know it won’t) lots of people having a lot of problems coming here due to visas too – some kids not able to start the school year etc. Apparently last year teachers couldn’t get visas and had to start the year late…..

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