New design for Tiny Expats!

Logo_text below_ShanghaiTiny Expats blog, vlog and all social media pages now have a new logo and illustrations! Happy happy :)

I’d like to thank Anna Bondarenko (here’s her portfolio page) for such a cute and cuddly design! She even included our Xena, the Princess Warrior, (our African snail) in the illustrations :) Basically, if anyone looks for a talented graphic designer – look no further!

Logo_text below_CZ

You can have see how all of the pages look now with a similar design for English and Russian sites (and if we’re not connected on some of those social media – add me and I will follow you as well ;) :

TinyExpats on Facebook

TinyExpats on Twitter

TinyExpats on Pinterest

Logo_text below_GermanyAnd in Russian:

YouTube channel

Mini blog

on Facebook

on Instagram


Tiny Expats_Pattern for Facebook


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