Follow TinyExpats’ relocation journey in September!

Follow TinyExpats' journey - relocation to UK, local updates and our every day life!It’s the last day of summer and I’m working hard on beating my ‘end of summer’ blues. The fact that I was alone in CZ with our 5 and 2 year olds for the whole month, while my husband already started working in UK, doesn’t really help. Anyways, going to keep fingers crossed, that my visa should be sorted out in the nearest future and we would finally be able to join him in our new UK home.

So, what can you expect to find on my blog in September?

First of all, don’t forget to join my blog event/ linkup party – Show Your World! All you have to do is to come over to TinyExpats on the first Friday of the month (on the 4th of September this time), find my prompt post about one of my favourite places and link up your post about your favourite place, whether it is somewhere local to you or some location you visited while travelling. I will collect the posts for two weeks and share them all in a round up, on the 3rd Friday of the month (18th of September), on my blog and on my social media as well. If you need a reminder about this event, you can leave your Twitter account name in the comments and I’ll twit you a reminder on the day!

You can also come over to and have a look at my section there, Expat Kids – I’ll be posting some tips and tricks on relocating with kids during the next few weeks.

Hopefully, we should get a green light on moving to UK in the nearest future, so I will keep you updated on the following:

  • arranging our shipment
  • spending our last days at CZ home
  • travelling Pardubice-Prague-London-Leamington Spa with two kids in tow

I also have a couple of places I want to review for my Pardubice directory before we leave.

Finally, it’s our oldest daughter’s 6th birthday this Saturday and we have a very international party planned with both expats and local guests. Will post something about that as well!

If any of you has a story to share either about expat life, travelling or life with kids – let me know and I’ll be happy to welcome you as a Guest Blogger on TinyExpats!

Hopefully, you’ll find something of interest for you this month on TinyExpats – see you around ;)




  1. Please do tweet me a reminder about Show Your World @strandedatsea (you might already do this, I can’t remember!). I should have some interesting posts coming up about South Africa! Good luck with the move – I hope it happens sooner rather than later. It must be awful waiting and not knowing when – those mean visa officers :) And look forward to hearing about the birthday party – I have a post out tomorrow about culture clashes and birthday parties so look out for it!

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    • Great! Will tweet, no problem :)
      Thanks as well – it’s been almost three weeks now that I applied, but the waiting period they have on the website is 30 days, so I’m just trying not to check the website for updates on my status too often :D

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  2. I can relate to your situation as it is similar to ours too… I have a 7yr old son and just had his b-day here in UAE and missing his NZ friends… Well… life must go on… this is the life of expats! :)

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