Top websites for expats in Czech Republic

Welcome to August’s #TrailingSpouseStories. This month we share our tried and tested resources about our current homes – how to best live it and love it.

Here're the most useful resources for expats living in Czech Republic - from info sites, to blogs, to directories. Find all you need to know to enjoy life in CZ!

Expat’s life in Czech Republic is easier, if you’re relocating to Prague or Brno. There are a lot of expat blogs and communities out there, where you can find answers to most of your questions. However, the situation is rather different, when you move to any other Czech town. This month, trailing spouse stories’ prompt was to round up top 10 online resources, helping expats in your region. I won’t talk about so many of them here, but I will try to round up the websites, which are equally helpful, whether you live in Prague or in another, smaller, town.

Main info hub for expats in CZ –

Useful articles, forums, classifieds. If you’re looking for anything expat related in CZ, I suggest, you come here first. Of course, there’s more info about Prague and Brno here, as usual, but it’s still a great website for expats living anywhere in Czech Republic.

Expat services –

This company provides quite a wide range of services, from helping with your house hunting to translating and interpreting. They would charge a certain fee for their help (you can check more online), but I received some useful advice from them even when chatting by email. Friendly team, worth checking out, present in a number of towns across CZ.

Great travel blog for planning trips in CZ – Beyond Prague

Lots of people think only about Prague, when it comes to Czech Republic, but this country has so much more to offer! Mountains, forests, lakes, spas, beautiful historic towns. Check out Beyond Prague to find which of the wonderful places you’d like to visit and, I promise you, you will end up with an endless bucket list!

Don’t forget about expat blog directories!

Best way to learn more about expat life in any country, as well as learn lots of useful tips and tricks, is to find blogs, written by fellow expats living in your region. I found a lot of great blogs using these expat blog directories:, and

For expats in Pardubice

Now, this one is for those, who, like us, moved to Pardubice. We live in Pardubice since 2014 and it was pretty difficult to find useful info about this town in English. I found this blog, Czeching Out Of Here, written by an Irish expat living in Pardubice. Since then, he already moved to Tasmania, but if you visit his blog, you can find a section on Czech Republic.

And, of course, don’t forget that you can find some useful info about expat family life in Pardubice on TinyExpats as well ;) Click here for Trips in CZ, Pardubice Directory and Everyday Life in Pardubice.

I hope, this post will come in handy for all of you, expats in CZ or those, who are just considering to relocate here!

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