ShowYourWorld – recap of the rules

As I’ve updated the rules of the Show Your World blog event / link up, I decided that I need to update info in this post as well, as it get most of the hits from new readers. So here is how you can participate.

Main guidelines:

– tell us about an interesting place – it can be somewhere in your home country or a destination that you visited
– instead of just giving us facts about this location, use your words to show it to us as well – the way it looks, sounds, smells, conveying its atmosphere; photos are always welcome!
– add your link by adding a ping back in your article or, alternatively, in the comments
– add a link to this post on your blog and use this badge:

ShowYourWorld - blog event/ link up on Come over and share your favourite place - and I will share it on my blog and social media!

Visiting other participating blogs and leaving comments on them with #ShowYourWorld is highly appreciated, as well as sharing news about this link up on your blog and social media!

Show Your World is a monthly event – I will publish my own story every 1st Friday of a month and everybody’s welcome to link up to this post. I would collect these links and post a round up on the 3rd Friday of a month, sharing all the links and short descriptions of submitted stories. I will also share the links and images on my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest (make sure you follow TinyExpats, so you will notice, when I do it!).

I am also sending out notifications on Twitter on the day I post the prompt post, to which you can link, so if you want to receive such a notification – please, leave your username in the comments.

Make sure that you add ShowYourWorld tag to your entries, so that others can easily find you.


  1. Hi! Great idea, I like it! I would love to join in but I guess I’ll see till saturday – if you see a ping back from me, it would mean that I didn’t give up trying to do this event

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    • Thanks for sharing! For some reason, I cannot post a comment on your blog! Gives me error! So I’m posting here, what I tried to write there:Hi! Thank you for sharing my event :)) Of course, I can be your buddy :)) First of all, the event – Show Your World starts this Saturday and everyone’s welcome in any case! Second, I’ve got a TinyTravellers project going on (you can find it among my Wanderlust Projects on, basically, I post there posts of other bloggers on why do they think travelling with kids is beneficial for the kids and how. Maybe you want to write about that? Plus, I’m more than willing to publish anything you’d like to write on the topics of travel with kids/ expats with kids, which is one of your themes anyways :) Let me know if I can write anything for you!


  2. Hi! I have done my post (I really hope I am not that late! )
    its here:
    I hope the pingback i did worked :S
    Btw, I wanted to know, if you wont mind me not using your badge in every post? I have added it on the main “Blog Events” page I created, and I just thought I’d let you know (and Ill come to know if its ok to do that)
    anyways! Hope you find my post! :D

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    • Great! Thank you for participating! But this oct is already old and I collected all the links for the round up. Could you link your post to a new one, which I will post tomorrow? Then I will place you link for a new round up on Wednesday and share on my social networks as well.

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