Alumni Blogger of the month

Regent’s University London Alumni blog featured me as their Alumni Blogger of the month – really pleased :)

Regent's University London Alumni Blog

YuliaWhat is your blog about?

Main focus of my blog is living as expats and traveling with children. We have two daughters, five and two years old, and we moved around quite a lot with them. It is currently the fourth country for our older daughter and the second for the younger one, hence the name of the blog – Tiny Expats.

I discuss different aspects of traveling and relocating with children – how can you make it easier for them? In what way do they benefit from it? How can you deal with having third culture kids? I regularly feature posts, written for my site by guest bloggers, fellow expats and expat mothers, sharing their experiences. I also have a big section about living in and traveling around Czech Republic, where we are currently based, and write about previous expat experiences in UK, Germany, China and Russia.


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