Sequel to our dental story – visiting Canadian Medical Care in Prague

Some time ago I wrote a post for Expat Family Health about our dental adventures (you can read it here). Unfortunately, both our daughters started developing dental problems at an early age, no matter how much I paid attention to dental hygiene or their diet, so we already had a lot of close encounters with paediatric dentists in China, Russia and, now, in Czech Republic.

When we moved to Pardubice, I tried to find a good paediatric dentist, however, I was not completely satisfied with the services we received here. I booked our oldest daughter for fluoride treatment twice and both times she was offered Tooth Mousse, which they claimed was the same. The thing is – I have Tooth Mousse at home and can apply it to their teeth myself without paying for it at a dentist. This problem led me to searching the internet for international clinics in Prague in hopes that we would receive a more satisfactory treatment for our kids.

This is how I came across Canadian Medical Care in Prague. They have a wide range of medical specialists working in their clinics in Prauge 6 and Prague 4. We took our kids to the CMC clinic in Prague 6, which is located in a beautifully reconstructed mansion (my children didn’t care much for the architecture – a playground in the courtyard was something they appreciated more).

On our first visit, the girls were treated by MDDr. Zdenek Pelc and, on the second one, – by MDDr. Zuzana Sedlakova. Both of them spoke English fluently, which was great as I could explain our situation in detail, and were very friendly with the kids.

If you are looking for an international clinic in Prague, I can recommend CMC, as I was fully satisfied with the services they provided. You can check out their website for more info and contact details.

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