Where is “Home” for my Multicultural kids?

This is a topic close to my heart and Estelea talks about it in a very inspiring way.

Estelea's Blog


Born and raised in Asia, they flew before they could walk. French by their Mum, Swiss German by their Dad, 6 y.o altogether and already fluent in English, French, Bärn Deutsch and Mandarin. Thailand taught them how to bow before Buddhist altars, we celebrate Hanukha and Christmas, and they already understood that God has many, many houses. Meet my kiddos, Mr and Ms Attila!

Our little tribe has been always from (my!) home forever. When I asked Ms Attila where is home for her, she raised her eyebrows and said “which home? the one of the Philippines? Swissor the one in Paris with the cousins and Mamyvette?” Heu.. “or Dad’s home with the snow?“..

We have been moving from a humanitarian posting to another every other year. If there is no place our family have ever called”home”so far, it’s probably because we don’t stay there long enough. I…

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