Anais Nin on why we write

Once again I’m posting Writer’s Quote Wednesday entry on Thursday – don’t forget to check out this event on Silver Threading!

This week I decided to start posting stories, which I’ve written about my expat journeyб on my blog in a series of Nomad Stories. You can find my first story, on why I moved from Ukraine to UK at 17, here. And then today, when I was looking for a quote that I would like to post for this blog event, this one, by Anais Nin, really jumped out at me:

Anais Nin


Anais Nin is a French writer, who was most famous for her journals. She released a series of diaries, telling readers about her life from being 28 years old up until 71, describing her voyage of self-discovery. I guess, you could say she was an original blogger, couldn’t you?

On my blog, I write a lot about different places worth visiting, but over the years on the move I’ve collected so many interesting stories about people I met, things that happened, interesting traditions I experienced, that I felt like I wanted to tell you more. Maybe I just want to relive those moment as well?


  1. I relate to this quote, too: I’d never thought of writing as a way to relive an experience, but it is, isn’t it? I do find that I am tempted to smooth off the rough edges when I recount an event, though.

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  2. I never thought about our writing that way! How fabulous. I incorporate so much of myself into my writing. I experience it and by sharing it I do relive the events. This is an excellent quote! <3 I really like this one. :-)

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