Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Douglas Adams (and about accepting uncertainty)

Decisions, decisions. Every day, every area of our lives. I once read a saying, going along these lines: “It’s not scary that we’re adults, it’s scary that it is us who are adults now”. All that freedom of choice given only as a package deal with the responsibility for the choices you make. I would especially prefer a bit more certainty about outcomes of those decisions in connection to our kids. So this is the quote that perfectly sums up that notion:



Lately, we think a lot about education for our 5 year old and which country would be the best for us to settle down. So many unpredictable factors, it’s quite unnerving. Just today I had a conversation with my friend and we were discussing a choice of school for her 7 year old daughter (and my God daughter) – state or private? I spoke to my mom, who is concerned about my sister (already 20), voicing her thoughts on what she should do next and which country to stay in upon graduation. Oh, it just never ends, does it?

And these are just a fraction of questions that need answers. Moreover, even when you choose the best (in your opinion), very often down the road you would realise that there was a better option, which you overlooked! It’s already hard struggling for perfection, when it comes to motherhood, and all that doubt and uncertainty do not help!

As the above demand, so perfectly phrased by Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is unlikely to be met in the foreseeable future, I guess, we all have two options. We could make the most suitable choice with the known variables at the time and stop stressing out about uncertainty – sleepless nights are not going to help with anything. Or we could also doubt every step, cringing internally as we make it, keeping fingers crossed for luck. Freedom of choice, as always.

I’m submitting this quote to the Writer’s Quote Wednesday blog event hosted by Silver Threading.



  1. Great quote! Nothing in our adult life is certain, is it? I know you will make the best decision possible when it comes time to settle down. <3

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