Writer’s Quote Wednesdays – Confucius

Today’s quote on Silver Threading is a great inspiration for those, who would like to start writing. I guess, it’s a problem for many amateur writers – can you actually write? Would it be of interest to anyone? Should you really do that?

Blogging is a great place to start, giving you an idea of what you can actually do, of how it would feel to tell your story to others. I started blogging just several months ago and found it very interesting to connect to other expats, parents, travellers, share experiences. I decided to start working on a travel memoir, describing our life on the move, and it just seems as an enormous task to me – how do I combine 10 years, 6 countries, stories about different interesting people and amazing places? Were do I even start? So this quote of Confucius, which I stumbled upon, straight away caught my attention:


That’s so right, isn’t it? You’ve got to start somewhere, just take the first steps, no matter how small, but at least you would already start moving in the right direction.



P.S. You can have a look at what people achieved in ancient China, probably following the same wisdom, in this post about Summer Palace in Beijing.


  1. I have had the same thoughts about writing my book. I have begun an outline. I am a planner and once I got it all on paper it fell into place for me. I took it from the largest and brought it down to the smallest. Great quote and it works for me! <3

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  2. As an amateur writer and a person who scares easily, I love this quote! Good luck with your memoir, I’m sure it will be great!
    Hugs :)

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