Hong Kong, part 2 – business centre

My parents and my sister are also expats, they live in Shanghai. I’m dedicating every 4th Monday of a month to stories about their travelling and expat experiences, written by my sister. 

Previous post (Hong Kong, part 1 – mainland) was spontaneous and contained direct descriptions. Part two is about my first trip to Hong-Kong three or four years ago. Therefore, it’s impossible to write down all details, but possible to describe feelings and emotions. However, if you want to find out more about anything you see here, I will try to answer your questions.

1. Explore the city by walking

After several months in Shanghai, Hong-Kong appeared to me very green and natural, even though skyscrapers remind you that you’re not on an abandoned island. On our first trip, we’ve been to the business part of Hong-Kong with all those banks, huge corporations and offices. It is said, that people in Shanghai don’t use word “walk”, they only use “run”; but when you’re in Hong Kong at lunch time you see hundreds and thousands of office workers almost running in one direction or another, you can see that locals don’t even know the word “walk”. Anyway, as you’re a tourist here just walk, stop anywhere and see the difference between British and Asian, between old buildings and new skyscrapers.

2. Jungle in a big city

Feel yourself at jungle at the city center. Escape to the world of trees, lianas and tropical birds. Challenge yourself to “climb” up to find more and more beautiful sceneries at the birds’ park. You can see birds posing in front of cameras, Aras siting in front of high buildings and you can feel nature, breathe fresh air and hear streams and rivers.

3. Bus tour

City Bus Tour is always a good choice wherever you go. You’ll get a general idea about the city you’re visiting and might later choose what you would like to see in more detail. Mostly, you’ll see buildings, buildings and buildings again. Here are some photos of what you’ll find there.


  1. Had to smile, and thought it was very interesting, when it was described the word “walk” does not exist with the locals in Hong Kong, always “run.”
    How wonderful to have the greenery of the jungle in city centre. So important, in what I imagine would be a very busy city.
    Nice to have your sister sharing. Enjoyed reading! :)

    Liked by 1 person

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