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Hamburg is where our older daughter was born and it would always be special for this reason. Apart from that, I also liked this city because it was literally filled with water. Did you know that Hamburg has more bridges inside its city limits than any other city in the world (and more than London, Amsterdam and Venice put together)? And that it has more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined? Rivers and lakes everywhere. For me, a water lover, it’s a huge bonus point to any city.

One of my favourite riverside places was Außenalster (Outer Alster), a lake formed by a series of dams on Alster river. This Alster is ‘Outer’ as it was located outside the city walls in the 17th century. There’s an ‘inner’ Alster as well (Binnenalster), I think, I should write about it in another post, it has a completely different atmosphere.

I remember walking around Außenalster, when we just moved to Hamburg. A bit later on, when I was pregnant. And, finally, we came here with our baby. She sat in her stroller, covered from the sun by a little umbrella and enjoyed the view. Ducks and swans swam near the shores, while the white triangles of yachts dotted the vast blue surface of the lake. The green shores are always full with picnickers during the weekends. Some getting refreshments from the local cafes, others cooking sausages on tiny disposable barbecues. On the hot afternoon, everyone’s feeling lazy, slowly walking around, playing with the kids, walking the dogs. Peaceful retreat, emerald and blue, in the middle of a busy city.



This map is taken from Wikipedia:

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  1. […] I do apologise for some of the poor quality of these images. I wish I could have taken better pictures, and for what it was worth, I hope I have been able to capture the essence of Budapest by night along the river and showing you a little of my world. […]

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  2. ooops posted too soon!! I love the picture of your daughter looking out on the water thats such a beautiful shot!
    This is such a nice post for #Myexpatfamily i loved it thank you so much for sharing it! I will need to take a look back at some of my posts to see if i can link anything up for you :) xx

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