I “Mustache” You Some Questions

Mani from A new Life Wondering tagged me to answer some questions in this ‘mustacheing’ event. Check out her blog for a lot of travel and expat related stories.

Four Names People Call Me Other Than My Real Name?
1. Sunshine
2. Honey
3. Pups
4. Mommy

Four Jobs I’ve Had?
1. Assistant financial manager
2. Production manager
3. Site admin
4. Online marketing manager

Four movies I would/have watched more than once?
1. Forest Gump
2. Legends of the Fall
3. You’ve got Mail
4. Lord of the Rings

Four books I’d recommend?
1. Lord of the Rings
2. Alchemist
3. Master and Margarita
4. Pride and Prejudice

Four places I have lived?
1. London, UK
2. Hamburg, Germany
3. Shanghai, China
4. Moscow, Russia

Four places I have been?
1. Edinburgh, Scotland
2. Budapest, Hungary
3. Hong Kong
4. Bangkok, Thailand

Four places I’d rather be right now?
1. Shanghai, China
2. Maldives
3. London, UK
4. Yalta, Crimea

Four things I don’t eat?
1. Raw onions
2. Sweet peppers
3. Celery
4. Oysters

Four of my favourite foods?
1. Kefir
2. Baked salmon
3. Freshly baked wholegrain bread
4. Cherries

Four TV shows that I watch?
don’t really have time for that right now, but if I had a chance, those would be:
1. Friends – all time favourite
2. Sherlock Holmes
3. Black Books
4. IT Crowd

Four things I am looking forward to this year (2015)?
1. Moving again? Maybe :)
2. My older daughter starting school
3. Summer!
4. Working more on my blog

Four things I’m always saying?
1. Quiet, please – at home, all the time
2. Cool
3. Aha
4. Great

Four People I tag
1. Diapers and Tutus – a blog about an eventful life with three kids
2. Maria Holm – babycare, travelling, history and lots more
3. Grubbs n Critters – on what it means to be an expat multicultural family
4. Silver Threading – poetry, fiction, great quotes in this lifestyle blog

Participation is not required.



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