Weekly Small Pleasures, 22nd February

It’s time for Weekly Small Pleasures again, hosted by A New Life Wondering.

This week I was really happy to discover that it is already starting to feel like spring! It’s still cold, but there’s that certain smell in the air, the look of the sky and budding trees.

spring time

And so it happens that this week is actually a celebration of end of winter and beginning of spring in Russia, Maslenitsa. This wonderful warm weather came right on schedule :)

Traditionally, you’re supposed to make bliny on all of these seven days, as they symbolise the sun. I love bliny, but not in such quantities, so I made them only twice.


For me bliny are one of the childhood dishes, so I always love making them (and eating as well, of course!). Today is the last day of Maslenitsa, a Shrove Sunday, the last day before the Great Lent. It is customary to ask forgiveness from all the relatives and friends for any offence you might have caused them without knowing. The customary reply is “God will forgive and I forgive”. I think, it’s a perfect occasion to settle any old quarrels and just gain that great feeling of being at peace with everybody around.

Have a lovely Sunday! It’s still not too late to make some pancakes ;)



    • Bliny are Russian pancakes, you can eat them just like that, with honey or jam, make a wrap with cottage cheese, wrap up some fried minced meat (you can add onions and mushrooms to that), wrap some cheese and ham, eat them with sour cream or caviar – the options are endless :)


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