Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Mark Twain

Last week I took part in the Writer’s Quote Wednesday for the first time and I really liked it :) It’s interesting to look for the quotes, to read the quotes, found by others, and Silver Threading is a wonderful host! So here’s this week’s entry:


These words are 100% true! I know from experience, how horribly irritating a journey can be, when you’ve got the wrong companion. I’m quite a laid back kind of traveller, trying not to get annoyed with little things, but having an agitated person next to me just kills my groove. I can try to be relaxed, but that would take all the self control I have.

My husband and I moved around together for almost ten years now and I am extremely happy that our preferences and attitudes are the same on almost everything connected to travelling. He’s confident about his schedule, doesn’t rush, likes to travel light (this is the point with which I struggle, but understand the sense of) and keeps me calm during flights. Funny thing, I was never scared of flying until I had kids, now I’m nervous borderline panicky during any turbulence incidents. Overall, after all our journeys together I’m pretty sure that I like this particular person ;)



  1. I think you found the secret to marital bliss! Your quote is perfect and I love your connection to it with all the traveling you and your husband have done! Well done! <3

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  2. Great quote! So happy for you and hubby. I love how every weeks quote jumps out of nowhere at me when I think I know what I am going to do another more appropriate quote selects itself. Thanks for the like :)

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  3. I laughed…and I so appreciate anything that makes me laugh!! I’m with Mark and choose travel companions wisely. Fortunately, I’ve a lot of good ones. The best being my husband. When I say, “oh, let’s go look at that,” he does.

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  4. It is an excellent way to push the boundaries of friendship, you find out people’s little idiosyncrasies that perhaps wouldn’t reveal themselves during a night out. I’ve found it just makes me like the people i’m travelling with more though :)

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  5. Glad I’m not the only parent who has become nervous when flying with their kids! What I find odd is that traveling with our kids in the van is a very calming experience for me. I’ve come to love long road trips!

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    • Yes, I was completely surprised by this – always loved flying and then such a change! So far, I still find road trips stressful, maybe it would get better, when they’re a little older.

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