Weekly Small Pleasures, 8th February

This is the first time I would take part in the Weekly Small Pleasures blog event, hosted by A New Life Wondering, and so it happens that this week was supposed to be pleasant in any case – February is full of events for us.


Let me tell you this story in flowers:

In the beginning of the week my husband brought me flowers without any special occasion. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t just go around giving me flowers every day – we wouldn’t want that, no no no! But it always surprises me, when he does, which makes any normal day feel special.

In the middle of the week it was our wedding anniversary. Although, many things went wrong on the day, it was still magical for me. Starting from the fact that just two days before the wedding I got the most horrible flu with very high fever, which we could not get down to a normal level with any amount of medicine, however, on the big day I woke up absolutely healthy. The ceremony took place in an ancient monastery complex in Kiev, which has this unreal atmosphere about it. The fresh snow, which covered everything that morning, whereas it was the warmest greyest weather for several weeks leading up to it. Just remembering it makes me smile.

And finally the end of the week – my birthday and my daughter drawing for me my favourite tulips and some kind of blue flowers (as blue is my favourite colour). Much more than a small pleasure :)



  1. Aww…how lovely! Belated Happy Anniversary and a very happy Birthday to you!! February is full of pleasant events of my life too. My husband’s b’day is there in the 3rd week and we were engaged in the month of february only and of course, Valentine day is always there for everyone though my partner is away on ship.

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