Japan – Naoya, Yoshimi, & Co.

For Christmas eve we are going to have a Japan extravaganza! I got more views of Tokyo from Yoshimi, but I did not expect to receive photos from other places in Japan. My husband asked his friend, Naoya, for a couple of snaps, but he in turn asked his friends as well. Hence – this photo excursion around the country :) Thank you all!!!

Kobe City Luminarie

Kobe City Luminarie 1 Kobe City Luminarie 2

Mie Prefecture Nabana Village

Mie Prefecture Nabana Village 1 Mie Prefecture Nabana Village 2

Nara Prefecture Yamatoyagi Station

Nara Prefecture Yamatoyagi Station

Tokyo Meguro City

Tokyo Meguro City

Yomiuri Land (Fun Park)

Yomiuri Land (Fun Park) 1 Yomiuri Land (Fun Park) 2

Yomiuri Land (Fun Park) 3

Tokyo Tower


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