Haifa – Oksana Cohen

The postcards I post today were sent from Oksana Cohen from Haifa and Givatayim, her hometown. She is a photographer and I love how she managed to capture the warmest holiday moments with her children!


You can find more of Oksana’s photos on her Facebook profile or blog.

735886_10202817375456322_562772747_o 737315_10202778109634701_2092808133_o

960241_10202777180611476_1934272287_n 936639_10202777162731029_85290159_n   1484151_10202814404862059_2124836200_n  965487_10202777166211116_1683179191_o

1508163_10202777172451272_600492030_n 1525705_10202817355775830_443197699_n

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