Steak Station

With all the latest events we somehow missed out on celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary on time. Now was the day to catch up, so we decided to check out a restaurant, which we heard only good things about – Steak Station, Restaurant & Penzion.

It’s located on a way out of Pardubice, but still just a ten minutes drive from the centre. Yes, I still very much enjoy the compact size of this town :)


Main dishes on the menu – yes, you guessed, everything grilled. Even as you just walk towards the Steak Station you can smell the tasty smoky oak. My husband tried a beef steak and I had a salmon steak, which were both equally delicious. The size of the dishes is actually rather large, so we were more than happy with one course. It’s more expensive than an average Pardubice restaurant, but I think the food in this place is worth it.

We were given menus in English and the waiter, who served us on the night, spoke English quite well.

I also enjoyed the interior of the Steak Station, it’s nothing too fancy, but it is somehow cosy and relaxing. The decoration is not particularly American or Canadian, it’s a bit of both, but mainly it’s about everything Indian. There’re just tons of tiny figurines, pictures, pieces of clothing and decorations filling up all the possible places around.




One of the bonuses for families with kids is an outside courtyard with several enclosures for small animals, a crow and an owl. At least, children would be entertained while you’re awaiting your order.

Overall, we were quite happy with the place and would be coming back with our daughters. Although, an occasional date just for the two of us is also a rather tempting option.

You can check out Steak Station website for more details and the directions on how to get there.





  1. It’s nice to know you can get a good beef steak in this country. Good beef is a challenge to find here.

    Perhaps i’m simply very picky about beef as it’s a big part of the regional economy where I’m from in Canada and we take pride in the high quality of it.

    We have a relatively new steak restaurant here in Brno that I’ve been meaning to try for a while. Hopefully, I’ll manage it soon.


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