Keeping pictures safe

After reading a blog by a Scot living in Norway, I remembered one my favourite trips, which we took with my then-to-be-husband, to Edinburgh. I truly think it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit. The long summer evenings, the castle on a hill that was half covered with fog in the morning, wonderfully gothic church spires, multicoloured thistles like bright colour spots on the streets, sunshine finally awakening the grey streets. I loved it!

So here I was, going to write about our time there and attach some photos, when I realised that I actually cannot find them! I’ve always tried to make sure that I have some extra copies of our photos, but without any prior notice one of the hard drives just decided to stop working! I’m not exaggerating – it’s a really big disappointment for me.. Of course, I can find a lot of photos of foggy Edinburgh and thistles, but those were the thistles that I’ve seen and that was the fog that covered the city on the day when we’ve been there..

The only thing keeping me from being completely sad is that I actually make photo books for us, documenting our life and travel year by year, place by place. But it also means that those photos are in single (although hard) copy now and, judging from the hard drive experience, anything can happen…

So, the hard drives can die (very unexpectedly), it’s hard to carry your photo books with you everywhere you travel, emails that you sent would actually have copies of the photos that you might have shared, but usually they’re of a smaller size, online storages can rather quickly run out of space… How do you keep your photos safe? Would really appreciate anyone sharing their ways of storing memories!


  1. Thanks for the link back to my blog :-) I always back my photos up on disk or an external storage service here in Norway (


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