Zelené Predméstí

This is my favorite part of Pardubice. It’s central, it’s compact (you can literally walk anywhere) and it’s full of cute buildings.

Smilova Street
Smilova Street

Smilova Street
Smilova Street



We found a flat in this area and so far I’m really happy with the choice. Of course, during the last half a year the main street, Trida Miru, looks like an excavation site due to the total renovation going on (and it also happened to become one, as they actually found something of interest for archeologists while digging up some old pipes):

Trida Miru being renovated
Trida Miru being renovated



But authorities promise that it would all be done by February 2015, so that’s something to look forward to :)

From our home we can walk to the old town square, Pernštýnské náměstí. That’s probably the first place you saw, if you looked up Pardubice online. It’s rather small, doll-like and full of various cafés and restaurants.


On the other end of Trida Miru you can find a shopping centre, Afi Palace. Ice skating rink, Čez Arena, tennis courts, rivers Labe and Chrudimka, local castle and castle park are all walking distance away. I’ll write more about all these places later.

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