Food shopping

What I like the most about shopping in Pardubice are tiny street markets with fruit and veg from local producers. The smell of apples this season was something from the childhood :) I usually go to the market on Trida Miru, they also have a baker’s stall and, since not long ago, – a ‘coffee bike’. 

Tesco’s located right next to the Afi Palace. Don’t forget that you can order online from them. I usually don’t order fruits and veg as sometimes they can be overripe or too green, etc. However, it’s very convenient for bulky items, like water and detergents.

A short drive or a bus ride from here will take you to Liddle, Interspar and Globus. I like to go to Globus to buy fresh fish – all other places seem to have only a frozen section. You can also occasionally find Bio chicken in Interspar. Apparently, Bio meat and poultry are not so easy to find here.

For all the lovers of Bio produce, vegetarians, gluten intolerant and just simply curious shoppers, there’s a Bio shop on Sladkovskeho street 410, you’ll see it almost straight away after walking down this street from Trida Miru.

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