Architecture in Pardubice for Photo101

I love streets of Pardubice! I’ve already made some photos of them for Photo101’s assignment “Streets”. Today’s theme is “Architecture” and I went outside to snap some details. We were asked to play with black and white as well, and here’s an example of the difference it can make:

Moody, right?


Spring is in the air!

Which one do you prefer? To be honest, on such a wonderful sunny day it was too hard for me to make all photos B&W, especially considering that the streets of Pardubice can be so colourful! Here’s more colour therapy for you ;)

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  1. I always love B & W photos, especially if you can ramp up the contrast and really make them pop. Sometimes I find it hard to lose the colour in certain photos, but it depends on what the colour is. I like the B & W version above more because I don’t think the colours add anything extra that you can’t see in B & W, whereas the great photos at the bottom have much more significant colour. Nice job! :)

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    • Thank you :) I’m doing photo101 course now, hence lots of photos. But I feel like coming out of hibernation with these sunny days here, so want to snap more :) Following you now as well!


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